Georges Wendell reflects on Paris Youth, a generation that comes from all its corner and takes inspiration from each of its facets. 
The Parisian label filters classic designs through a youthful lens.

It takes inspiration from Paris districts stereotypes, these neighborhood heroesthat are sometimes their own caricatures: from the traditional Garçon de café to the business man. The tailoring-oriented silhouettes are a mix of every district style and feel, genuinely combined and rearranged to represent a rawer and more modern version of Paris. Multi-fabric interpretation of straight-leg trousers, blazers and bomber jackets showcase effortless experimentation, while playful details like contrast stitching and offset pockets define the label’s personality.

Pierre Kaczmarek revived the brand, which originally began as a tailoring shop in Le Sentier, Paris’ Garment District, after graduating from his previous project, Afterhomework.